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Denise Miller

Hi’story’an, body-mind therapist, and counsellor; Denise presents exciting new information on the connections of the body, mind, heart and soul. She combines her love of story and her fascination with people to offer an eye-opening look at communication, relationship dynamics, and the intricacies of the mind. She has also fascinated thousands of listeners of all ages with performance storytelling around history, geology, geography, legends, and mythology.

Client Comments - Coaching

‘I came to Denise with a concept for a workshop – she helped me get clear about what I wanted to teach, brought my presentation skills to a higher level and I came away with a great product that I am now presenting to clients around the world. She took me far beyond my expectations.’ 

‘Denise has a unique, results driven approach to improving communication and relationships. She challenges self limiting beliefs that inhibit performance and hones in on the core strengths we all possess.’

Client Comments - Storytelling

‘Story telling is pivotal in language, self esteem and self confidence, creativity and development. Thank you for sharing your story Denise!’

‘Denise Miller, was excellent. She was very good with the students and was able to adjust to each class and situation easily. She made each presentation specific to the different ages of her audience.’